Report Date: 02/21/2006

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Shootin B's Sierra Sage

Reg Name: Shootin B's Sierra Sage
Reg #: SN881330/06 02-04 Breed/Variety: German Shorthaired Pointer
Birth Date: 11/25/2001 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Liver Roan Ticked
Breeder(s): Tate Bestor

Shootin B's Sierra Sage
SN881330/06 02-04
Liver Roan Ticked
Great Plains Rocket
SN147908/07 08-96
Liver & White Patched & Ticked
OFA61E AKC DNA #V84583
Frederick Von Haden
SM884484/08 06-94
Brown & White
Sand Prairie Partner
SE368083 11-90
Liver & White
Tim's Buddy
SC810971 12-85
Princess Jessica Lila
SE088274 12-85
Liver & White Ticked
Olga Von Haden
SE400019 09-89
Liver & White
Brownni Speckle Legs
SD359231 09-84
Liver Ticked
Brenengen's Little Meg
SE189849 12-85
White & Liver Ticked
Heidi-J Vom Boss
SF750204 12-91
Liver Ticked
Cent Vom Esterfeld
SE805002 10-87 (West Germany)
Liver & White Ticked
Kim V Uphuser Kolk
DKV 40/79
Conversion Default
Ulme V Niestetal
DKV 82/80
Conversion Default
Horse And Hunt Club Heidi II SH
SF359685 12-89
Liver Ticked
Cedar's Brione
SD605047 02-85
Liver Ticked
Wilderness Lady
SD114676 04-82
Liver Roan
Ward's Poppy-Seed Mandy
SN586315/07 02-02
Liver Roan Patched
Schau Speiler's Von Haag
SF924037 02-92
Liver Roan
J P's Desert Duke
SD688917 02-90
Schau Speiler's Jackson
SC932067 03-81
Liver Roan
Starlite's Sierra Sunshine
SC232059 05-79
Schau Speiler's Sandy
SF581577 02-90
White & Liver
Schau Speiler's Johnny
SC830076 07-82
White & Liver
Molly Lea
SE937684 04-88
White & Liver
Dottie Of Brutus
SN109515/08 10-95
White & Liver
Doc's Brutus Von Haag
SF787450 08-90
Liver & White
Teena's Ernie Von Haag
SD084942 03-83
Liver & White
Savage Sadie Von Haag
SD270267 11-85
White & Liver
Moesgaard's Dot Von Haag
SE479570 10-87
Liver & White
Haag's Delight Mr Beau Jangles
SC725489 01-85
White & Liver
Lady Greta Von Haag
SD240611 12-85
White & Liver

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